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 Functional units of Public information Center

Library unit

a) Print library (Books, Magazines, and Newspapers etc.)

b) Digital Library

GOSS Website Unit

This unit is a center where all information regarding the Government of the Republic of South Sudan in form of news, messages, entertainment, press release, announcements, statements, orders, declarations, decrees and others are accessible.

Documentation of information

This unit documents information, photos and pictures for the purpose of communicating messages, of providing evidence that what was actually planned has been done for the purpose of sharing knowledge.

Photographic unit

The responsibility of this unit is to document photos/pictures and effectively use them to provide news and information to the general public. The unit collects, processes, documents and preserves photos/pictures of: political leaders, Political parties leaders, Community leaders Traditional Chiefs or Kings and Queens, Traditional Rain makers, women, youth, children, disadvantaged persons and of many other things of significant importance and interest of the nation and its people.

Archive Unit

On both GOSS and PIC Library Websites archives are collections of individual publications like magazines, journals, newspapers and newsletters with websites sometimes refer to their back issues, listed, documented and made accessible to the general public.

Capacity building and training programme

This programme consists of capacity building, recruitment and training of all staff of the department at all levels and in various fields of professionalism. It provides all resources required to run the department to ensure its increase competence, quality performance and sustainability.

PIC Projects

  1. Creation of Digital Library:

The work is in progress. The project is being supported and implemented by UNESCO. This will be the most important and easiest hub wherefrom to access any information about South Sudan it has from anywhere in the world.

  1. Mobile Cinema Unit:

This is an outreach information service. It is a solution to information poverty prevalent across rural South Sudan. Mobile Cinema will work closely with other government agencies, international organizations, NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBO) in creating awareness, on health and social issues like: (a) HIV/AIDS ( b) Malaria (c) Tuberculosis (d) Preventable diseases in children ,(e) Child abuse(f) Domestic violence (g) Discrimination against women etc. The project proposal is being developed to be submitted to Private and Public Partners for funding.

iii) Public Information Center’s Complex Office Facility:

A complex and spacious office facility is to be constructed to accommodate all units of Public Information Centre (PIC). Concept note of the project proposal is being developed to be submitted to Private Public Partners for funding.

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